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Macedon Room

Macedon Hospitality

We put a lot of thought into designing our rooms to be comfortable, practical, simple and beautiful, so your experience will be breathtaking. Especially our beds' toppers are from a well known Greek manufacturer COCO-MAT.
Paradise Beach

Unforgettable Experience

Wanna live a great holiday? We know that feeling like home with friends is priceless, especially when you are away.

Amazing Services

Everything we do here is because we believe in hospitality and in giving our best services possible to everybody.

Enjoy at Hotel Macedon


Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi

Take a swim into our crystal clear swimming pool which has the shape of a footprint, in the small finger take a seat for a Jacuzzi, or enjoy your cocktails by the surrounding area sitting on our comfortable poofs.

Free Wifi

There is free WiFi everywhere in the property, using Cisco switch, two mikrotik routers, and six ubiquiti access points.

Port Transfer

If you don't want to walk the 300 meters from the port to the property we have free Port to Hotel transfer for you. (Summer only)

Breakfast Buffet

If for something we are proud of, is our breakfast buffet. Enjoy your morning meal with a quality espresso, fresh orange juice just squished, home made pies, Lena's recipe for marmalades and cakes and many more bio products most of which are from Thassos or from our garden.

The family and staff that run this hotel are incredibly helpful and friendly and the Macedon's motto "Come as a guest, leave as a friend" is a true reflection their attitude.

It's close enough to some fabulous beaches and has it's own wonderful pool & bar.

Source: Tripadvisor

Well decorated rooms with excellent amenities amazing bathrooms. Lots of personal touches and excellent friendly service on arrival they have a sign saying arrive as guest and leave as friends well we certainly where made to feel like this. And to top it off the island is the most beautiful place. Will certainly be back.

Source: Tripadvisor

Αψογα δωματια οπως ακριβως φαινοταν στις φωτογραφιες,καθημερινη καθαριοτητα, πληρες πρωινο, ωραια πισινα ιδανικη για χαλαρωση, πολυ καλη η τοποθεσια του ξενοδοχειου σε σχεση με το κεντρο της πολης. η τιμη με βαση τις παροχες ηταν πολυ καλη, ευγενικο και εξυπηρετικοτατο προσωπικο.

Source: Tripadvisor